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Cause and Effect Essay Writing

เขียน Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and Effect Essay

Usually when the things happen, it naturally has the cause of happening. Writing the cause and effect essay means that the writer should identify clearly the cause of happening and the result or consequence of happened. The essay might have one or more than one cause or effect; remember that the thesis statement should be precise and link to the whole paragraph. Few common methods of writing the cause and effect essay to suggest. First of all, you have to distinguish the actual cause and the real effect separately. To specify cause, you may use the sentence like “What did this happen?” In conversely, to determine effect, you may cite that “What happened because of this?” Next, you should develop thesis statement despite to smoothly blend the paragraph. With this, you perhaps use an appropriate transitional words or phrases for the linkage. Lastly, you should find and organize supportive details. The splendid cause and effect essay should be able to verify all gist of the total story.


You may use these transitions in the cause essay part; because of…, despite to…, due to…, in spite of…, since… and/or on cause is…, for instance.

You may use these transitions in the effect essay part; in the consequence of…, subsequently…, resulted in…, therefore… and/or another effect is…, for example.


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